Dear Sis B, A Family Member Is A Drug – Addict, What Would I Do?

That drug-addict is one of these: drug-addicted brother, drug-addicted father, drug-addicted cousin, drug-addicted sister, drug-addicted neighbour, drug-addicted uncle, drug-addicted classmate, drug-addicted childhood friend and the list of drug-addicts who are part of the family and community goes on. In short, drug-addiction is just part of a fact. The relationship that you have with this drug-addict completes that fact. For your case, he is your drug-addicted father.

Let us refrain from detaching ourselves to them by calling them plain drug-addicts.

Every one should remember that ever addict didn’t come out to this earth alone. The drug-addict has a relationship. Let us always remember our relationship with them. Without remembering that relationship, we will tend to be harsh, violent and unjust to them. 

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Dear Lord, Encourage Me, Thy Servant

When things are going in my way not according to how I desire those to be, encourage me, Oh Lord. When job applications do not seem to merit employers’ calls, encourage me, Oh Lord. When the business is cutting – down on manpower and overhead cause, encourage me, Oh Lord. When medical reports seem to…

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