We Are Den-SING


Singing has been part of my family, since day 1 of my conception. Singing is life so I grew up with the singing gadgets: big “turntable”, cassette recorder, component, “magic sing” in our house. So, its not a surprise that the first thing I bought when I earned my salary in dollars was yes, a home theater and and a microphone because I knew everyone in the house would be using it! Standard songs of Elvis Presley, Matt Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Nonoy Zuniga are songs I came to love first before I loved the songs of my generation local big singers. This is because of the influence of Papa, who claimed that he was a town singing contesero in his primary school days. Oh yeah, when I was not yet in school, he would asked us to sing and he recorded. He must be frustrated that no one in his children got his singing voice except for my younger brother who is into rock singing, if screaming is considered singing at all. But, that did not change the influence of singing in my family in all seasons.
We sing when we want to celebrate. We sing in times of longing. Papa sings differently these days “Saan Ka Man Naroroon”. We sing when we want to face a problem. We sing when we worship. Our nightly family rosary ends in singing.
We sing when we want to express our love.

This afternoon I just wanted to express my love and support to my younger sister, so I brought her to KTV and sung my love for her just like how our family does it. ❤️


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