Reflection June 2018

The True Loving

The true acid test of becoming to be loving is to be loving even to non - lovable people. They are the people who does not believe in you, those people who doesn't support you, those people who ignored when they don't need you and remember you when they need you. In the course of… Continue reading The True Loving

Reflection June 2018

The Ripples of One Small Loving Act

  The gospel today compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed. It is the smallest of all seeds that when it is sown will spring and becomes the largest of plants. It reminds me of small loving acts  that we do that most of the times are things we thought unrecognised by people.… Continue reading The Ripples of One Small Loving Act

Reflection June 2018

Yes? or Yes!.. Keep that “Yes” to The End

This year my goal is to say "Yes" to many things. It's already half of the year and  things that I've said "YES" to are going back to school, service in Singles for Christ as CPR co-leads, changing work schedule with a workmate out of a big favour for her, changing housemates, going - out… Continue reading Yes? or Yes!.. Keep that “Yes” to The End

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The Challenge (Love Them)

Long before this  happened,  I have already been serving the community for 15 years. After we buried my brother, I found myself, questioning my every motive and reasons to serve. Unfortunately, there were people in the community who applauded the President's move and sadly, there were friends who even posted "approval" during his wake. I… Continue reading The Challenge (Love Them)

Reflection June 2018

A “Looking” Heart Like Mary’s

In the gospel today, Mary and Joseph looked for Jesus and they found Him at the temple which Jesus called as the house of His Father. They looked for him with anxiety as he was missing. Two iconic people took their lives in two consecutive nights, Ms Kate and  Mr Anthony are people whom I… Continue reading A “Looking” Heart Like Mary’s

Reflection June 2018

Sacredness is Brokenness (Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus)

  The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body as it beats non - stop. It is close to the human fist in size. A double-layered membrane called pericardium surrounds your heart like a sac. The outer layer of the pericardium surrounds the roots of your heart's major blood vessel and is attached… Continue reading Sacredness is Brokenness (Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Reflection June 2018

The Lord Teaches. Are We Teachable?

Because the Lord is the author of life, He has a set of ways and style of how we can go through this life serving the purpose that He has in mind for us. As the psalmist says "who shows sinners the way", the Lord teaches His ways and styles. But are we teachable? The… Continue reading The Lord Teaches. Are We Teachable?