The place where every girl can truly be herself is the fitting room. If she can’t be, then, she can’t be anywhere in the world. Every girl who comes inside turns to be a queen in her own right. The room brings magic. It is evident in her smile.

I honor the people who patiently waits outside while she enjoys her moment.
The fitting room. Bow. ❤️👗.


I don’t usually post photos of foods specially big – budgetted meals. But, I want to remember this event and this place with these served foods.

Fine Foods and Love💖

I have never seen such a big turkey stuffed with finest herbs and leaves that the moment I entered into the dining area I was greeted with scent that left me mouth – watering and really hungry.

I have never seen a ham as big as a football. It looked so expensive that I was so hesitant to cut it.
And, when I tasted it I almost forgot my name. It was heavenly.
Can a ham be not sweet?
I guess everything back home is sweet, not only spaghetti.

Delightful foods are always served here at Meyer Road.
Known to be a place for rich
and influential to many.
At the contrary, for me,
this is a humble abode
where foods are always warm,
prepared out of deep love.💖

It’s already December 01, here in my place (Tampines) and I just wanted to greet all you with a Happy December 2018!

I hardly have time to write these days but this morning while praying, I realised I have ticked – off one of my goals for this year, that’s – to publish a blogsite.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity of your likes and follows. I just want to thank you in a way I feel would be personal so I took a video of the Orchard Road this 0030H. Walking along Orchard Road during rest day is favourite get – away.

Here is me who just woke up, without filter, without make up. God bless and please comment, if you have time.

Dear Sis B,
I would like to ask for your prayers for I will be speaking in one of these weekends. Would you kindly share tips for preparation and actual talk?
Thank you.


Dear Sis,

May the peace of Christ be with you.

It is a privilege to pray for you during these days of preparation and during the actual talk. I am humbled in many reasons of you asking me to share tips on your first talk outside my country of residence.

You are one of the sincerest and “relaxed” speakers that I have ever heard and I encourage you to be faithful to your personality with your talk. I believe that the Lord allowed our experiences that shaped our personalities and He will work through this personality, even when people are just listening.

I consider “evangelization” speakers as mouthpiece of the Lord and are far different from any public and corporate speakers. I would like to humbly share my prayer in every time that I speak, “Lord, they are Your people and they came for You, so, please speak. Please vanish me and any trace of my pride.”

There was a story of a tour guide of an art museum who receives countless “ahh” and “wow” from guests and in the end felt so elated and proud. But one night there was a big fire in the museum and all the priceless artworks were burned down. This broke the heart of many people who have been in the museum and the tour guide is just one of them who was sad over what happened. In that one incident his considered “fame ” when down with ashes. That tour guide is like us, “evangelization” speakers. We should point our listeners to the Lord and never ever think that if listeners get healed, their hope renewed, it is because of the painter or the artist or the Lord. There is a big temptation to create a “show-off” as people acting as listeners get to be drawn with our words. So, I would like to make my number one tip as talk – givers to have it in mind that we are just a tour guide. We are not showcasing to listeners our “talents” and “perfection” but we are pointing them to the Lord.

I, too, had to remind myself in many occasions during talks to stop or pause each time I feel that I’m exerting effort to impress people. This is the time that I inject a quick short pause. And look into my slides.

Ask for the virtue of humility.

Prepare for at least a quality of 4-5 hours. Practice before a mirror to check if your talk is just fit for the time that you have been given.

Since we are given an outline, I encourage you to go every single verse and expound on verse that resonates to you the most. This way, you can allot ample time for the entire outline.

Thirdly, remember the three most essential parts of the talk, take – off, stable at high altitude and landing. Being in the community, I find that it is not difficult to ask for attention as we are all kind and considerate, keeping their interest is. So, I pray that you will create the body of your talk faithful to the objective of the outline.

Fourthly, I know you know by heart the drill that is begin and end with prayer in your preparation.

I will keep you in my prayers. I know many hearts will be opened to purse a life of Christian relationships through your talk.

Blessings and beauty,


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And her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to send her away quietly

Matthew 1:19


Jesus, the Saviour, the Messiah was raised with this kind of man, a man who is just, righteous, considerate, compassionate, loving and protective.

I believe God continues to raise men like him, like Saint Joseph.

May you find someone like him today in your midst.

May you build someone like him today in your family.

May you recognise someone like him today.

May you choose someone like him today.


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