Translating Beatitudes Into Praying and Dating Life (Learning from Single Jesus)

Yesterday, the gospel was about The Beatitudes spoken by Jesus Himself. The Beatitudes has gripped my heart in many ways and in many years that caused me to stop, capture my heart and caused me to change, simply because to me, it means sacrifices and dying to oneself.

As I encountered The Beautitudes yesterday, again, I asked the Holy Spirit to place it in my single, searching and (hopefully soon) dating life. This morning, while cooking for lunch of my niece, the beautiful word went to heart as the aroma of my simple dish comes to life. Here are my reflections out from my own experiences and learnings:

1. A trusting heart is a patient heart.
So, develop faith to learn to trust and trust results to patience. And patience is a fertile soil for a loving relationship.
2. Gentle words come from a gentle spirit and a gentle spirit does not control but leads.
I am smiling while a write this, while I remember all men who are gentle and lead. Gentleness leads but wickedness confuses.
3. A non-assuming heart is a humble heart. When sisters don’t give – in to the lure to create presumptions, they are looking more to the idea that they are respected and is not adored. Unless, words have been spoken amd actions confirmed the words, that something lasting and concrete is going on.
4. Blessed are those with a pure heart, they are not manipulated and driven with emotions only but of wisdom and commitment.
5. Blessed are those with a pure heart, they are not jealous and bitter.
(Jealous and bitter, then pray for a pure heart.)
6. Blessed are the merciful for they will find more admirers.
7. Blessed are those who work for peace, they will find themselves someone worth fighting for.
8. Blessed are those who seek and hunger for justice, they are the dating people who have purpose for marriage and family life.
9. Blessed are those who remain pure in body and spirit until they have said their vows in marriage for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Let’s fight for that first night, sisters. Let’s remain pure through prayers and service. The Lord who is the first man in the aisle deserves our purity. )
10. Blessed are those who seek marriage according to God’s plan for theirs is a happy, lasting and fruitful life of marriage.

I pray that you also apply The Beautitudes into your dating life and let us learn from the single Jesus.

Love and Beauty,


Second Chances.

Of two years ago, I did a part – time work at SMRT. The task was to count the passengers queueing but are not able to board the train.

Counting begins once the MRT door opens. The idea was all who are waiting should be able to board the train, thus, that makes a “zero waiting time”. If the indicator, a passenger waiting at the platform, is unable to board in two consecutive arrivals of trains, an empty train should be sent to the platform! (Yes that’s how ideal they want the system to go! )

The MRT door will be opened for boarding for only 120 seconds.

And during that 120 seconds, this is when actions happened. All passengers would try to catch the ride and not to miss that chance to get boarded. Some literally threw their bodies inside to catch the train while, others, would create movements to let the automated door sense movements thereby delaying closure of the door.

What really striking was that people naturally didn’t want to miss the chance to get boarded.

Same is true even in real life. We don’t want to miss chance but in reality we missed our chances. A chance to tell someone you love him until you find him at funeral parlor cold with his eyes closed. A chance to ask forgiveness to someone whom you have hurt but have finally lost her trust. A chance to be just in time to catch the perfect sunset. A chance to be a great sister to a sick brother. A chance to love. An ocean of misses.

And that’s how the closure of MRT door speaks to me, every single time I count passengers.

The reality of closed doors. The reality that not everyone will make it right the first time.

But if we look at the big picture, the story of getting boarded does not end there! When a passenger missed that chance to board the train at the platform, there is a new train that is planned to arrive in the next four minutes (before office hours) and two minutes in between during lunch hours. That passenger who missed the train only has to wait to catch the ride and reach his intended destiny.

In real life, there is a thing that is called as second chances.

The Lord reminds us that He has second chances in store for us by sending His forgiveness to our iniquities and richly giving us a new clean slate.

Do we deserve it? I believe we don’t but He loves us beyond our wildest reasoning that He does not want to lose eternity, so, He richly, ever readily willing to forgive us and render us a great new train of chances.

God gave a second chance. It is called sunrise.

Thank you for reading.

What it Takes to be Mr Right (A Love Letter)

I have been serving single people who love and honor the Lord for almost two decades now while, I, myself is a síngle person. I have heard and some witnessed stories of female single friends of how they fell in love and heard and witnessed, too, a lot of single people experienced the biggest heartbreak of their lives.

One night, I reflected what it takes to be the right person for another right person. This article is a result of that reflection

Following a love letter

Dear Mr Right, Would you be my number 2?

Here’s the prequel to that.


What it Takes to be Mr Right (A Love Letter)

Dear Son,

How have you been?

Heavens just stopped and dropped their singing these days whenever your heart smiles at my own daughter whether in person or at the screen everytime you message her.

I have planned of your existence long before the foundation of the world but your moves and decisions surprise me these days.

I smile with you whenever she smiles back at you. Heavens rejoice with you.

You sure are responding to the growing seed that I have planted in your heart, a seed that speaks of me, a seed that glorifies me, a seed that gives purpose to your living. And that brings me honor.

The seed of desiring to find a wife comes from me. A wife who is not appropriate for me, but aptly for you. Someone suitable for you, so, someone I fashioned for you. Since, I created and love you, I know very well what you need, what you like, what complements you and above all, what will make you closer to me and not what will take you away from me.

As you search for her out from a growing desire to find someone to love for a lifetime, to make babies with and be a helpmate to your future family, I want to draw you more to me. The more that you build your relationship with me, the more that seed grows. Remember that seed comes from me and only me can grow that seed, so, come to me, my Son, my future Kingdom builder, my beloved.

Let me water the soil of your being, so it will be fertile. Once fertile, the seed will grow into sprout. Let me clear the clouds of fear in your head. I am the way, the truth and the life, so, with me you can clear all confusion. Let me reveal to you the great manhood that I have created you to live – out. You can do great things far more than what you thought of yourself. You have my image and likeness and, thus, you carry the power and splendor of my Name. I created that manhood and thus, you have immense strength to build, destroy and endure. Let me remind you my son, once again, that you are called to be holy for I am holy. In your holiness, in your stronger relationship with me and in your deep love for me, then, you shall gain direction and will not be dismayed when you find the person I have created, molded and will respond to your search.

My Son, I am here with you in the pursuit I have designed for your life. If you invite me to join you in your pursuit and obey to be the person who you really are in my eyes then you will be Mr Right for someone that caught your eye, someone like a prey to your hunt, someone I have fashioned, molded and loved, someone who is herself loves and honors me, too.

You have what it takes to be Mr Right and soon, be a leader of church called a family.

Your fan,
Father God

Sparks in the Tunnel (Lessons During My Life’s Deepest Challenges)

Due to my desperation leading to confusion state in putting an end to my  writinglessness, I browsed all the pages of my journal from 2009 to 2016 in good faith that I would be able to break the spell. I did not get any out-of-this-world nor never-been-told inspirations from my revisitation of old journals, but,…

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To Please and Not to Impress (Becoming Me.)


Having heard a feedback about this blogsite last year, I was determined to write a piece of writing worth – sharing, worthy for everyone to expose their names that they are reading, worthy of hitting the star – button, worthy of praising- comments. But, having that in mind, I found myself always hitting the “backspace” key. Instead of writing, I found myself unwriting. Thinking and paralysed, I opened all my previous journals in the hope of getting the inspiration and break the sorcery I have spelled unto myself. But none of my misery-filled journal entries suffice my objective. I felt so drained. My browsing through all my handwritten entries was a futile attempt to get what I wanted, I thought.

Inspecting all my entries from 2009 to 2016, only alerted me of one common line that I kept writing through those years, “May I be able to please You, Lord.” or “Please help me to please You.”

That journaling is the reason why I have this blogsite and those journal entries have repeatedly declared that my heart desires to please the Lord. This reveals to whom, to how and to why I am writing and responding to this frequent waking up at every 2am… To write to please the Lord for He is my supreme audience.

For to please Him is to be inspired, to be ordinary and great and to impress all other eyes is to be filled with discontentment, to be proud and unheard.


Dear Lord, may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to You, my God and my Judge. Amen.

Who are you trying to impress today? Please like and comment should you find this story relatable. Thank you!

God bless!