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Benia Pajes Densing




Hi, I’m Benia.

Hi, I am Benia. I am a female creature, middle – child, single Catholic (sounds like a bio-profile in a dating site. Lol.) I have been a journaler (no, not a journalist. Lol) I keep a journal ever since that day when I started to dream to be someone else.

That’s me capturing the sunset rays at Uluwatu, Indonesia

But, when, I fell in love with the Lord, God in 2001 after joining a Catholic charismatic group for singles, my life gained colors and there was a certain spark when I prayed. As my lifestyle changed, my journal entries begun to change, too. I fell deeply in love with the Lord as I go through uphill and downhill of a worshiping individual.

Today, I’m creating this blog site with the purpose in mind to be a co-journeyer to a woman knowing that the Lord, the King of Kings, crowned her to be His princess, His child. Whether she is a Martha or Mary, may she be filled with hope and joy caused by the Lord’s goodness through sharing of my reflections, stories and prayers with a happy, gentle and persevering tone.

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