Believe. (It Is Written In Your Palm)

While I wait for my rescheduled flight (I’m so used to these kind of changes every Christmas flight that I forgot how to complain and just now, I smiled and teasingly told the neatly hair-tied airline staff, “Don’t I get to have at least a free burger for this?”) I remembered one new year’s eve, a neighbor who was a palm reading enthusiast told me her prediction. I was a little girl then and not in school that I don’t know how to write even my own name yet. She was so amazed, I guess, that after she got my palm, she called my Mama. “Mrs Linda, something is with your child.” Before Mama arrived, our neighbor told me a revelation and those words were placed in my young mind and spoken straight to my believing heart, “Nene, great things are found in your palm. You will constantly fly and you will be victorious! Big stars and great – sized airplanes are written in your palms. ”
I hardly remember our neighbor’s name but those big words were spoken straight to my young believing heart from that time until now. “Great things are found in your palms.”
I don’t believe in palm reading but I believe that there is a great future for each one of us, that big stars are written in our names and humongous airplanes are drawn in our palm because we can soar high. We are able. We are free. Because, the great future ahead of us was planned right even before we existed, as a privilege.

As 2018 bids farewell, may we remember every person whether stranger, family, friend, colleague, leader or any human being who believes in our capacity to fulfill our dreams, to achieve and to soar.

As 2018 comes to a close, I thank the Lord for the gift of the combination of my passport and SG residency, the gift of courage for all my past hurdles in school, my guiding parents and all teachers who all believed, maybe, not even in my talents but only because the lines my palm tell them to believe in me.

Dear Lord, we claim today Your big and great plans for us from Your Mighty Big hands. Please help us fulfill those. Amen.


Dear Father God #journal (God Sends Signs)

A sister asked me about discernment. I thought instead of writing a “Dear Sis B” to her about discernment, I will post another journal entry.

I wrote this entry when all doors that I attempted to open seem to closing on me.

After writing this, there was a clear direction to be still and regard that season to be where the Lord wants me to be in.


Dear Father GOD,

Father God, my heart is restless. But, I wish to follow what WSQ had told me about career path. Lord, please light the path that I should be going.

I attended the Mass yesterday. I heard the priest said,

“Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and do as you please.” This is by St Augustine.

I need to bring this heart to You first and I can do anything as what my heart pleases.
Lord, I pray that I will just have a happy and fulfilling time with family next week. Please help us to bond together with unity and love.
I pray, Lord for my siblings and their children. I pray for my dream of writing to be fulfilled.
I’m praying for my future spouse. I just like to recognize the kind of heart you have gifted me with, a heart that just don’t know to stop to hope. Is this for real, Lord? Lol. I’m just kidding.

Father God, I know You know better than I do. Please speak to my heart if I’m going the wrong way.
Please build me an empire. I don’t know exactly what that means but please help me create jobs so more families can bring food to the table and they can be evangelized.
I would like to name the gifts you have given me at this time:
1. My work
2. My health
3. My free time/ my rest days
4. My family and family time
5. My friends
You are good, Lord, thank you.

Love and Trusting,

-End of entry


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Love and Beauty,


What’s With Pía of Movie Exes Baggage? (Girl, Don’t Give Your Pearls Away)

Pia is the lead character in the movie “Exes Baggage”. Although successful in career, her romantic relationships are not despite her seemingly unending sacrifices.

There is something wrong with Pía. She needs a saviour who can save her from her own destructive thoughts about herself.

Pia has to be told of who she really is.

Pia has in her mind that she is used to her lovers leaving her and for her that seems OK. Pia has in her mind that she is workaholic as if that is a curse. Pia has in her mind that she is a drunkard. (While as I remembered, only in two scenes that I have seen her drunk.)

Pia does not recognise that she is a good person as to how the movie presented of how she relates to her workmates and family. She ignores the fact that she is a hardworking and just person who honors family and commitment as there were few incidences in the movie that shows that she is. She does not put in her mind that is loving, caring and trustworthy.

All these great facts about herself, she does not stick to her mind. But she seemingly would rather put in her mind that men leave her and spend her time and stay with men who would make her girlfriend. Like everything is just casual.

What’s with Pía is she looks herself without her good traits. She seems to be oblivious of those.

I do not believe that it is heartbreak that causes us to forget who we really are. It is the lack of courage to reflect and stay quiet with our lonesome broken heart to be reminded, to recognise of our true identity as a person. I believe once a girl sees her true identity that she can command respect from others, that she can present her dignity to others and that she can wisely choose who to spend time with or to who she can share her body with, with value, dignity and sacredness.

Just a plain thought, “I am an honest and reasonable person so I deserve someone who will treat me rightly.”

So Pía, don’t give away your pearls to any man who will not value it. This translates to Pía, don’t give away your time, heart, body and life to someone who will not honor those, your pearls.

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Of Saturday Morning and Love Prayer

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