Refiner’s Fire (The Whitest Crucible At Highest Temperature)

The higher the temperature, the whiter the crucible gets.

As I sniffed my freshly sterilized laboratory gown, I knew I was up for another tiring day of chemical analysis. I don it and headed down to that big silent room of chemicals and equipment of where only running water and occasional ringing of the phone can be heard.I thought I have graduated to this kind of work when I assumed the review and release of raw materials job of a chemist. But when my company started to cut down manpower which started a year ago and management learned that I have the background and expertise of chemical testing, with a heavy heart I said “yes” to the request of the management for what they said that it was a temporary dual role for me. It was a painful “yes” because I have never wanted to go back to laboratory analysis simply because it’s physically exhausting.This day I silently said “Hello” to Loss on Ignition and Acid Insoluble Substances Tests. I scheduled these tests together as both use one equipment. Funny, but I can never dispel this observation that testing echoes real life. In real life, I tend to remember people on things they like to do and group them according to their likes in my heart and that’s how I scheduled work accordingly.I started everything in a manner just like in the normal secondary science project. I turned on the furnace, then, set the temperature at 610 degrees. I placed inside the room-temperature crucible. The crucible that I used is heavily stained with black specks, as a result of frequent use. It is supposed to be white as it is made of porcelain.As I opened the furnace, the glaring red heat of 610 degrees blew me away! I have encountered this kind of set-up before, but, back then it all seemed a regular and plain analysis to me. Not until today.My crucible mightly remained intact at 610º even after 2 hours of heating, without a crack and and undeniably, it has somehow regained it’s whiteness.The same crucible was re-heated at 825º in the same furnace. When I opened the furnace after an hour, the image was even glorious! Lo and behold, the light emitted from the wall of furnace can serve as the light of that dark box of fumehood. But my eyes got hooked on the image I saw in between the walls of furnace. That black little specks left from 610 degrees-heating were nowhere to be found. My crucible intact and whiter! It has regained it’s original color of white. Wow, here’s the light that melts the black specs and turned my powder to a white ash! What a physical and chemical transformation!The high intensity of heating made it even cleaner and whiter….finer….shiner and now looks new without it breaking!Chemical testing echoes real life.All those high points in my life were preceeded with pain. The heat of pain has been a part of my life and it refined me. The time of rejections made me know myself and cling to the Lord, that one day I would see an open door, too. The time of loss made me value life and the people around me. The time of sickness made me think that life is temporary and short and make the most out of it. There are times when the heart gets overused that it begins to gain black specs just like my crucible but His fire regained its original color. His fire restores life.My Master Chemist never promised an easy life but He promised He will take me through the pain. He was there in the fire but He was out for a refiner, cleaner and stronger me without my spirit breaking._________“I have told you all this, so that in me you may have peace. You will have trouble in the world; but, courage! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33.

I Offered A Rosary For All Readers (First Year)

I Offered A Rosary For All My Readers
(One Year of Blogging)🎉🎉 Thank You, Lord.

Today, 04 Nov 2018, marks the first year of existence of my self – hosted website ( . I only shared the link six months later. I need to think and imagine in my mind first the consequences of putting my thoughts, mainly stories, reflections and prayers, to everyone’s eyes before I had the courage to share it. I was filled with fear but hope and joy to be able to share stories and lessons gained in journey with God outweighed the former.

First Year Anniversary

As I don’t have any prizes or gifts as my thanksgivig to you my readers, I decided to give you the best gift that I can offer. I offered a prayer of rosary for each one of you before the Mass today (04 November) at Church of Divine Mercy . It is also very timely that the today’s gospel is about the greatest commandment of loving God and loving our neighbors.

(Mark 12: 28-34)

Greatest Commandment

Here is my gratitude expressed through the Rosary of Glorious Mystery today.

Dear Lord,

You are the author and finisher of our faith. Our rock and strength.

I thank You for the gift of writing and readers. I remember all of them and even those whom I don’t know who are followers. (Thank You. ) I pray for all of them now, they are all Yours. Please give them perfect health of their bodies. Please grant them healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even financially. Please take over their minds whenever problems, challenges and doubts seem to be controlling their thoughts. Please send them Your peace and lit the fire of hope or joy in whatever manner they may translate it. It is my deepest prayer that You strengthen their faith as they journey along uphill and downhill of life.

I pray for their vocation that You will lead and guide them in fulfilling the vocation that You planned for them even before You created the foundations of the world. Their love for You guides them in making decision rightly and lovingly.

I thank You in advance for the countless victories that You will cause to happen in their lives.

I sealed this prayer with the intercession of Mother Mary.


Thank you for reading. God bless.

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