Chronicles of Benia


Due to my desperation leading to confusion state in putting an end to my  writinglessness, I browsed all the pages of my journal from 2009 to 2016 in good faith that I would be able to break the spell. I did not get any out-of-this-world nor never-been-told inspirations from my revisitation of old journals, but, …

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Just Keep Walking (Horror Movie Scene At Early Dawn)


It was still dark when I walked today towards the door of the office. I’m early today and for last year I hardly missed being early at work. But this morning was different, the lights around the pathway were off, worse stray dogs nearby started to howl.

“Yes, horror movie scene at 0654am?” I didn’t want to get scared so I looked for light and light was there if I looked farther at that area of the sky. Not at my exact location but farther. Realising that there was light at one area of the entire vicinity, my discomfort vanished. I kept walking and in no time I have reached the office doorstep.

So, if fear is knocking at your heart now because the present moment looks dark, take courage to imagine and see the bright and sunny future ahead. Then, replace fear with trust that you will get through to a better tomorrow.

Just keep walking.


Thank you for allowing me to share my stories with you.

Love and Beauty,


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