It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.

It’s Monday, first day of the working week.
A brand new slate. A brand new page.

You may have everything needed but without this you are not ready for any task.

You can forget everything but do not forget to bring this with you :

The love of Christ for you gives you second chances.
The love of Christ for you creates a solid confidence for everything that you will do.
The love of Christ for you makes you valuable than gold.
The love of Christ for you heals your every sickness.
The love of Christ for cleanse you from all sins.
The love of Christ for you inspires you to change.
The love of Christ for you is perfect and true.

The love of Christ… do not forget to bring this with you today.

Baunin mo ang pag – ibig ng Panginoon.


Thank you. Profoundly.

Love and Beauty,


I Map – Out A Five Year- Life Plan (Christ, The King, The Deliverer and Liveloud Concert)

I mapped – out a 5-year plan for my life yesterday morning. Yes, I dared to plan my life for the next 5 years, carefully incorporating what I have learned in my Project Management program and after saying prayers for a year for guidance for a new mission. No, please don’t be under the impression that I have achieved everything that I have planned for last years. Sometimes, I feel that I am only good at life’s planning but execution is a class where I’m still a student and unceasingly trying my best not to remain a student.

Mapping – Out

I wrote Psalm 23 at the top of it as it was my guiding verse since the time I felt the Lord is preparing for something. Psalm 23 is about the Good Shepherd. I did not forget the set of values as a guiding ruler as wild planning can happen and drives a planner to desire the world but losing the self in the process.

As this is my first time to draw – out a five- year plan, I had to set the bigger picture but at the end asking myself what is the bigger picture. I felt it was the height of adulting calling for a mixture of fear and excitement. One thing I realized though, that as I plan through the years, fear is increasingly knocking at my heart harder each year. I truly used to be a dare-devil in my planning in earlier years, as early as university days, where I enjoyed bigtime whenever I ticked what I have accomplished. But through the years, I have found myself fearing my own blames whenever I didn’t get to do what I have planned to do.

The Fearless of Youth That I Needed
(The Lord Provided)

During the evening, I attended the first Liveloud Concert in Singapore. Liveloud is a Catholic Worship Band that has been singing the songs of the Charismatic community I belong to for the last 17 years. In one segment, the sign of Chi Rho was flashed. The lead worshipper explained that this is the secret code of the earlier Christians to tell fellow Christians that they are home and they have arrived in a refuge, as earlier Christians were persecuted. That sign is very familiar to me. (Not that I lived 2000 years ago. Lol. ) The sign of Chi Rho is the “rod” I saw from Bishops and the Pope, the Shepherds for the Catholic faith. The Good Shepherd is Psalm 23, the verse I wrote on my five year – plan earlier that day. Is it just a coincidence? Maybe, not. The moment Chi Rho sign was flashed, it occurred to me as “No Prisoner”. That thought reverberated in my mind while we continued to worship. “No Prisoner”.

When I got home, it dawn on me, that for “No Prisoner” to happen there is freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from the yoke of slavery that burdened a prisoner.

Is this sign speaking to my plan?
Have I been drawing out a plan which based on fear?
Then, let there be freedom! Call the deliverer, Christ the King.

This morning I took that as a sign to declare and plan out what I really want to happen in my life – 5 years down the road of life. Let there be no fear to work on my desires which Christ, the Lord God has placed in my heart, today on this Feast of Christ the King, the Deliverer.

As I put out a new plan and pasted on my wall. I, too, signed it with Chi Rho. No prisoner.

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