Sharing My Tips On Talk – Giving (Dear Sis B)

Dear Sis B,
I would like to ask for your prayers for I will be speaking in one of these weekends. Would you kindly share tips for preparation and actual talk?
Thank you.


Dear Sis,

May the peace of Christ be with you.

It is a privilege to pray for you during these days of preparation and during the actual talk. I am humbled in many reasons of you asking me to share tips on your first talk outside my country of residence.

You are one of the sincerest and “relaxed” speakers that I have ever heard and I encourage you to be faithful to your personality with your talk. I believe that the Lord allowed our experiences that shaped our personalities and He will work through this personality, even when people are just listening.

I consider “evangelization” speakers as mouthpiece of the Lord and are far different from any public and corporate speakers. I would like to humbly share my prayer in every time that I speak, “Lord, they are Your people and they came for You, so, please speak. Please vanish me and any trace of my pride.”

There was a story of a tour guide of an art museum who receives countless “ahh” and “wow” from guests and in the end felt so elated and proud. But one night there was a big fire in the museum and all the priceless artworks were burned down. This broke the heart of many people who have been in the museum and the tour guide is just one of them who was sad over what happened. In that one incident his considered “fame ” when down with ashes. That tour guide is like us, “evangelization” speakers. We should point our listeners to the Lord and never ever think that if listeners get healed, their hope renewed, it is because of the painter or the artist or the Lord. There is a big temptation to create a “show-off” as people acting as listeners get to be drawn with our words. So, I would like to make my number one tip as talk – givers to have it in mind that we are just a tour guide. We are not showcasing to listeners our “talents” and “perfection” but we are pointing them to the Lord.

I, too, had to remind myself in many occasions during talks to stop or pause each time I feel that I’m exerting effort to impress people. This is the time that I inject a quick short pause. And look into my slides.

Ask for the virtue of humility.

Prepare for at least a quality of 4-5 hours. Practice before a mirror to check if your talk is just fit for the time that you have been given.

Since we are given an outline, I encourage you to go every single verse and expound on verse that resonates to you the most. This way, you can allot ample time for the entire outline.

Thirdly, remember the three most essential parts of the talk, take – off, stable at high altitude and landing. Being in the community, I find that it is not difficult to ask for attention as we are all kind and considerate, keeping their interest is. So, I pray that you will create the body of your talk faithful to the objective of the outline.

Fourthly, I know you know by heart the drill that is begin and end with prayer in your preparation.

I will keep you in my prayers. I know many hearts will be opened to purse a life of Christian relationships through your talk.

Blessings and beauty,


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My Most Fulfilling Moment #Ministry

(Leading Prayer Group Meetings)

It was at that time when I said “Yes” to be a group prayer head in a Catholic charismatic community for singles. This Catholic charismatic community has small units of prayer group. This prayer group is called “Household” which is normally consists of 4-5 single ladies, so, that makes me a Household head.
Being friends mainly with girls is something very familiar for me, as growing up and during teen years, I was part of all girls big group of friends. During my first years as a young professional, I still was part of all ladies group in the company where I worked. We regularly went to night – outs wearing our Tok-Toks (our own secret code for high – heeled shoes because of the sound that it makes when we walk with it on). Basically, what I am saying here, I know generally how girls operate, unite, celebrate, love and fight together ever since I was young. Girl power, how ancient the concept may it sound, has always been in me… until I joined the Catholic community for singles .

As I write this, I can’t help but be filled once again with gratitude. This is the posture of my heart each time I get to remember my first few days as an S-F-C, of becoming, that is, Someone for Christ.

Heading the Household prayer group for sisters is also like leading a girl power group in fun and activities except that with this task, I am leading them to Christ and not to the “domination” (lol) of the world. Leading them to Christ means making myself available for them without any cost. Unlike the girl power friendship, this task required me sacrifices. So, I later replaced the term “task” to “service” and me not a “leader” but a “mother”, as I always associate sacrifices to motherhood.

During my first year as a Household head, I was faced with struggles to prepare the discussion topics, my parents’ house and foods.

The difficulty on preparing the discussion topic was not so much because my default topic was the scripture reading for the day, compared to preparing and clearing the food to be served. The latter task was more daunting for me. Food preparation required me time and other resources.

Burdened I may seemed with the differences of building friendship with new sisters (new members) in the community, however, just like in my all-girls friendship, I find joy and love whenever I am with them during household prayer meetings.

All my efforts are somewhat reciprocated specially whenever there was a well-attended household prayer meeting. But I enjoyed, too, even only a member shows up. It is a chance for a heart – to – heart talk.

So, after each and every prayer meeting when all the members are gone and I am left alone washing used glasses, plates, spoons and forks, clearing the table and floors. There in that last task that I find silence without the rush, but, a happy silence with the Lord. It is in this moment that my mind starts to process what just transpired in the prayer meeting. It is in this moment that I realize the Lord is making everything possible. It is in this moment that I say, “Thank You, Lord. Mission accomplished.” It is in this act of washing the dishes, clearing the table and rubbish bin that I find most fulfilling of becoming a head.

Matthew 20:16
So the last will be first, and the first will be last.

Thank you for reading.

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