God, If It Is Me Who Is Blocking  Your Gift (Then, Change My Heart)

I am back to this place of prayer and silence once again. I said my prayers and paused. I have almost the same prayers just like I had the last time I was here.

I know He had heard my prayers uttered in the deepest portion of my heart. I know being my wonderful Creator, He wants the best for me. Only the best. There is no way He is ignoring my prayers.

But, since He is also a loving Father, He granted me the gift of free will and thus, He needs my permission and freedom of will so His plans can happen in my life.

If this desire of mine has long been planned by my great Creator, then I submit to His will.

God, if it is me who is blocking to receive Your gifts, then, change my heart. This heart who truly longs for Your answers.

You can rurn water to wine. You can part seas and create a dry land our of it. You can calm the storm instantly. You can do all those things and I know You can change my heart, too,

Change my heart, Oh God, so, I can receive Your answers to my prayers.

It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.

It’s Monday, first day of the working week.
A brand new slate. A brand new page.

You may have everything needed but without this you are not ready for any task.

You can forget everything but do not forget to bring this with you :

The love of Christ for you gives you second chances.
The love of Christ for you creates a solid confidence for everything that you will do.
The love of Christ for you makes you valuable than gold.
The love of Christ for you heals your every sickness.
The love of Christ for cleanse you from all sins.
The love of Christ for you inspires you to change.
The love of Christ for you is perfect and true.

The love of Christ… do not forget to bring this with you today.

Baunin mo ang pag – ibig ng Panginoon.


Thank you. Profoundly.

Love and Beauty,


Be Someone Who Believes (God Believes In You)

Since the start of the year I have been living with a family with two children. The eldest, Anton, is my godson.

Lately, I get to talk to him before I head to work and praying with him is how we end our conversation. (Sounds like we had a serious talk, right?) It has never occurred to my mind that talking and playing with a 5-year old boy can really be the happiest moment of the day for single person having 12-hour shift work (yeah, that’s me).

Praying is not something new to Anton as he normally does this with his parents, my friends. But for me, praying with a child is something very unfamiliar to me. So, my usual prayer goes like this:

Dear Father God,

Thank You for (his parents and all the people in the house). Please bless Anton who is a sweet, healthy, thoughtful and good boy.

And each and every time that I speak these words, he rolls while smiling. I can tell his face is bursting with joy! Then, he will be back in his sitting posture as I end with “Amen”.


People Change When Someone Believes

People decide to change when they are happy and they are happy when someone, even a single soul believes in their goodness. Let me paraphrase that.

Believing is valuing and valuing causes someone to be happy. When someone is happy, it triggers change.

Though change can transpire in varying period of time, some people can change overnight while for others may take a longer time. However, the decision to change happened when someone believes in them. I have observed this way of pattern during the last 17 years of serving adult singles in the church and proved to be what happened to me as well.

And seeing a 5-year-old child gets happy after hearing someone believes in him tells me that valuing a person does not see age!

A Learning And A Conclusion

A regional quality leader once told me during one gruelling laboratory investigation meeting, that no matter how strict quality is imposed to products and system, everyone should believe that every person who comes to work has the intention in mind to work productively.

Be someone who believes in the goodness of another and witness the change.

Dearest Father God,

May I never ever forget that there is YOU, You who always value me. You who always believe in me. You are the first one who believe in me. No matter what I do, nothing and no one can separate I from You, from You believing in ME.


Thank You.



Thank you for reading. God bless.

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Gentleness. Girl, It Looks Sassy On You.

It does not come naturally for some ladies to submit to a headship in a personal way specially for ladies who have learned for many years to look after and decide for themselves. It takes maturity and guidance of the Holy Spirit so as for a young wife to heed and follow what is said in Ephesians 5:21-23. It takes the patience of a man or a young husband for a lady or young wife to grow in holiness under the headship of a man who loves her. I also am reflecting on the respect to one another of a brother and sister serving together for the Lord in church activities.

Under His Headship (Please Bear With Her, Brother)

While respect to one another is needed to be learned and earned, a trait can lead in easier way and without going through unnecessary conflicts to a life of respect to another person, and, that trait is gentleness.

Gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. These days, people accepts “trash” talking and name-calling believing that one will be heard if they speak that way.

And that, my sister is a lie.

Trash-talking or name calling may catch attention and they may be heard but they will not be listened to. Gentleness creates soft invitation to be listened to and not just to be heard only. To be heard involves sense of hearing only. To be listened to is receiving sense of hearing and the rest of other senses including common sense and sense of humor. Yes, those two, too! Smile.

Girls, since they will take the role of a mother and is the creature more likely to express through words than men, should pray to learn gentleness and debunk rudeness in their spirits.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger ~ Proverbs 15:1

So, gentleness is an agent of peace.

And we girls clamor for world peace during beauty pageants, aren’t we? So, we should live a life of Gentleness.

Gentleness can transpire as early as infancy (No L.O.L. I heard my Mom saying that when I was a baby I never cried frantically. )
Gentleness just like any other traits can be learned from the inside out. Gentleness from within means gentleness to yourself, gentleness in your thoughts and this gentleness will come out constantly to your spoken words and visible actions.
Gentleness is a first degree cousin of compassion. It invites to be in actual shoes of another before forming conclusion on certain situations and people. Gentleness is using the the tone that will avoid provocation of people and thus, calls the help of humility. Gentleness is not timidity.
Gentleness is bearing mind that you need to send across words of loving guidance without putting down on people’s actions and thoughts.

And yes, girl, you are a Sister if the spirit of Gentleness is in you. It looks good on you, in fact.

Dear Father God,
Send forth your Holy Spirit and transform us making us agent of peace through Gentleness.

Thank you for reading. God bless, Sisters. Please spread it.

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