God, If It Is Me Who Is Blocking  Your Gift (Then, Change My Heart)

I am back to this place of prayer and silence once again. I said my prayers and paused. I have almost the same prayers just like I had the last time I was here.

I know He had heard my prayers uttered in the deepest portion of my heart. I know being my wonderful Creator, He wants the best for me. Only the best. There is no way He is ignoring my prayers.

But, since He is also a loving Father, He granted me the gift of free will and thus, He needs my permission and freedom of will so His plans can happen in my life.

If this desire of mine has long been planned by my great Creator, then I submit to His will.

God, if it is me who is blocking to receive Your gifts, then, change my heart. This heart who truly longs for Your answers.

You can rurn water to wine. You can part seas and create a dry land our of it. You can calm the storm instantly. You can do all those things and I know You can change my heart, too,

Change my heart, Oh God, so, I can receive Your answers to my prayers.

The Leaders’ Choice of Ladies (Single Men – Leaders Describe their Kind of Girls)

Happy Valentine’s of last month ago. Lol.
Where were you last Valentine’s Day?
I had a great Valentíne’s day at work and spent a laughter-filled and meaningful dinner. Since then, I have been busy and has been missing writing blogs. But, there was never a day that I did not think of my readers. You are God’s best gift to me last year and only by your kindness that I have finally put that “blogger” role after my name.

In a nutshell, a lot of blessings have been happening in my life. I have a new exciting full-time job which is an exact answer to my prayers and will tell you more about it on my succeeding stories and sharings. But this time let me share the opportunity when I asked men, particularly leaders of the Catholic charismatic community of single people where I also serve, about what turns them off and what turns them in for pursuit for a single lady.

I think it’s the best time to take a peak on what kind of girl (sister) fills their minds, yes, on this month of women.

Listen to these, friends.

Meet the leader – guy from the East. He is a gentle and prayerful person who is sporty and is himself a gentle guy. His two reasons to fall for a lady are intelligence and gentle demeanor. While, childish girls make him run away from the war of romantic pursuit.

The second guy – leader is so from the heart of MRT stations. If you are in Singapore, you will know it’s Serangoon. His two biggest weaknesses are girls who love their families, brown – skinned, intelligent, simple, gentle and God-fearing. His biggest turn – off are girls who are loud.

The third leader is someone from the west. He got so comfortable with my question, I guess, because he is the closet among the three for we share many years of friendship, that he has a long list of what turns him into a hunter in the game of courtship.

His biggest turn – on is someone who can carry – on a great conversation whatever the topic is, from superficial to the serious and vice versa. He likes, too, girls who are gentle, soft spoken that she is comfortable to talk – to, kind – hearted to both strangers and loved – ones and to herself. She really is undoubtedly kind, pleasing and graceful, supportive, encouraging, fun-to-be-with, lovable and funny. He stressed the “fun-to-be-with”. Someone confident of herself that she can joke about herself, her weaknesses, not insecure, not necessarily intelligent but who loves learning and curious and willing to be better.
A big bonus is someone who cooks really well! His turn-offs are girls who are vain and selfish.
I am writing and sharing to girls not in an effort to fit to their “likes” but to know the inner qualities we can work on to catch the attention of someone who is pleasing to the Lord Himself.

I just hope we are winning someone’s attention and we are encouraging that person closer to the Lord, more than we are pulling them to us.

I had fun writing this. I hope you had fun reading this, too.

Please like and share, out of your kindness. God bless!

It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.

It’s Monday, first day of the working week.
A brand new slate. A brand new page.

You may have everything needed but without this you are not ready for any task.

You can forget everything but do not forget to bring this with you :

The love of Christ for you gives you second chances.
The love of Christ for you creates a solid confidence for everything that you will do.
The love of Christ for you makes you valuable than gold.
The love of Christ for you heals your every sickness.
The love of Christ for cleanse you from all sins.
The love of Christ for you inspires you to change.
The love of Christ for you is perfect and true.

The love of Christ… do not forget to bring this with you today.

Baunin mo ang pag – ibig ng Panginoon.


Thank you. Profoundly.

Love and Beauty,