Kallang River

Dear Future Husband,

This is my first online letter to you but maybe my 10th or 11th letter including those in my personal journals.

How have you been?

Me? Well, I’m doing generally fine, basically nice, apparently OK and obviously sane…. sane and beautiful. 🙂 As always and will always be.

I don’t want this to be another letter of story-telling on my crazily busy single life and a mouthful of ranting on my seemingly endless waiting for you, you nameless, single, purposeful, decent, nice-looking, praying and serving God -guy! I have had written you letters of that before this and I think you have enough of those kind of letters. LOL. (I’m wearing that kind of smile in the photo while I write this online letter. I hope you are too, whatever you are doing right now at the location only the you and the Lord know.) *Blows kisses*

I hope you are doing great in whatever time zone that you are in. And.. uhmm. Today, it just dawned on me that… If ever you are not that A-OK right now, please allow me to say another prayer for you.

I pray that you remember that OUR Lord is good. I pray that whatever burden you are carrying right now, may You remember to pause for a while and remember to take upon you OUR Lord’s yoke for His yoke is easy and His burden light, through saying a simple prayer. I pray that you don’t lose your sight on God’s faithfulness to you. May you remember that you are NOT alone! You may be struggling right now but may you hear this whisper telling you that you can always count God’s help to be always available for you at any time, at any situation and at any location. I decided to post this photo because I’m holding flowers here. You know, I consider all my struggles in my life as flowers, flowers at the foot of the Cross of our Lord. Flowers that bring honor and glory to our Lord. May your struggles bring glory and honor to the Lord. I know He is OUR present help, OUR stronghold and so I’m sending to you this bouquet of flowers, that I know you can overcome victoriously your current struggles!
Go dear future husband! 🙂
Please remain steadfast for Him, OUR Creator, OUR Good Shepherd, OUR Rock and Saviour, the Author of Our future love story together. Amen.

I will meet you soon.


Future Wifey