Hello! May the peace of Christ be with you.


God is good. All the time.

That is the reason why this site came to be.

I am fully aware that internet is flooded with billions of blogsites already. This fact sent me hundred of second thoughts of creating another blog site in the world wide web. I begun and stopped half-way. Again. However, bugged with those thoughts, the desire to share and create a blogsite that will bring hope and joy seems to be always screaming at the back of my mind like an echo of my every heartbeat, an echo to just write and share my stories.

So today, I’m creating this blogsite with the purpose in mind to be a co-journeyer to a woman knowing that the Lord has crowned her to be His princess, His child. Whether she is a Martha or Mary, may she be filled with hope and gladness caused by the Lord’s goodness through my sharing of my thoughts, stories and prayers through a happy, gentle and persevering tone.

That’s me capturing the sunset rays at Bali, Indonesia, taken on 03.October.2017.