The Reasons for Our Talents (How We Coped and Continue to Cope)

The Reasons For Our Talents (This Is How We Cope and Continue to Cope)

I shared here in IG the photo of how our house looks like recently. If I hadn’t yet, let me describe it.
Our small living room is filled with plants and every space of the lot beside the gate is! Those were all planted by my Mama. While I was in grade school, I saw Mama growing all sorts of plants but it stopped when our old house was burned down. However, when we rebuilt the house, no lot and space were provided for my Mama to grow her plants. But I knew all along Mama is gifted with a “green thumb”.
But something magical happened. During the loss of her son of one year ago, during those darkest period I guess any mother can experience, Mama turned back to her gardening and did her wonders again!!! She digged and bring any kind of roots where her fingers can touch to grow! Now there are big and small pots everywhere in our new house, our 2nd house after our house was burned down. As mourning gave rebirth to her talents, her smiles are found once again in her face.
I witnessed that wonder her talent can bring life to her!

That kind of rebirth I saw in my sister, Bea. I guess writing in words cannot describe the exact loneliness she has in her childlike heart during the passing of our brother. If only I could write here how a bunso could love a Kuya, maybe it would take eternity. But the wonder of wonders happened to her. During the darkest hours of ordeal, Bea went back to her playing the guitar. Her music sent her comforting hugs and smiles are found once again in her lips. The photo here was taken just before the first practice of a band where she volunteered to play.

Now, I realise why the God of wonders created us with talents. Because these talents will serve us a bridge that when we grow older in a darker place, these God – given talents will be an avenue to bring us back to life. To Him, that life is still beautiful and smile is just a day away.

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