Coffee With A Tall, Dark and Handsome Straight Single (Miracles Do Happen). LOL.

Photo Credits: Arun Gogna FB page

As of this writing, I have had close to 300 serious, one-to-one talks with single people. Roughly 95% of which was with sisters (ladies) and 5% was with brothers (men). This opportunity to get to know singles in a deeper level is a privilege that comes with my volunteer – service for a Catholic Charismatic community for 16 years and 3 months.

So that 5% population belongs to men who all of them regarded me as their elder sister. I don’t have problems with that and since specially I don’t see them neither to be more than brothers. Please don’t get me wrong that I didn’t find all of them attractive and likeable, in fact they all are! It just must be the feelings were mutual. The Lord shaped my heart to give a sibling heartbeat for them as well.

And tonight is no exception, I guess.

I will have that kind of one-to-one talk with a tall, dark, handsome, single straight guy who happens to be my neighbour, with a stable and decent job, plays basketball, hardworking, friendly and who completely desires to be a holy man!

So I came in early and I put on nice and light make – up with a well – ironed hair and wore a light – scented perfume just to complement his good looks. Deuces. 🙂
I saw him walked in to the coffee shop and I still can see the siren logo when my eyes caught the two girls talking to each other but turned their heads towards him as he walked towards my table. My training as a Chemist and a natural gifted as a shy young girl rendered me to have a high observation skill made me not miss that detail that only proved of how attractive this brother is. He is really every woman’s cliche, “Miracles do happen.”

OK. So that’s the end of the story. Since that is a 1-1 heart talk, details are placed here in my heart.

Dear Father God, make me a miracle, too, to someone who is a miracle himself both inside and out. Amen.


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