To Wait..Is An Active Decision

02juneIn the book “How Luck Happens” by Janis Kaplan and Barnaby Marsh, authors believe that the first method for “luck to happen” is to be persistent and passionate about your ideas. With enough determination and hard work, one will eventually find the break they need.

As these are truly applicable in Christian ideals of persistence and passionate, every person who has found a great break in their lives will say with persistence and passion are not enough to open a door of a great break. Someone has to open “the door”, another person beside from the person seeking for a break.  There is the waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ comes in.

In our search for fruitfulness in life, let’s keep ourselves in the love of Christ by being persistent and passionate on our ideas and talents, both are God-given, too, and wait with faith and hope for the mercy of God for the door towards fruitfulness  will open.