Yes? or Yes!.. Keep that “Yes” to The End

A New Design - Made with PosterMyWall (1)This year my goal is to say “Yes” to many things.

It’s already half of the year and  things that I’ve said “YES” to are going back to school, service in Singles for Christ as CPR co-leads, changing work schedule with a workmate out of a big favour for her, changing housemates, going – out to see a stage play, going to Handmaids of the Lord retreat after years of conflict with schedule, sharing this website in Facebook and subscribing to a Catholic dating site. I enumerated all of these as this these are things I have to rethink to say my “YES” to. Although, those were not given with  a full “YES” during that instant that I said ” YES”, I still congratulate myself for having said “YES”

Last year, I realised I am a person who doesn’t easily give my “YES”, so at the start of the year, I prayed and convinced myself that I will say “YES” to invites and unknown things this year. As I looked into my heart, what are the things that keep me scared to say my “YES”, it was revealed to me that the fear of hating myself at the end if my decision proves to be not a good one is the greatest block. So, at the start of the year, when I decided to say “YES” to saying “YES” to unfamiliar invites, I primed myself to be my best friend in my every decision and work-out so as to arrive in the best outcome of my “YES”. I will make my every “YES?” means “Yes!”

If those turned out to be not a good one, my best decision buddy, myself will not be blamed.

So, for the next half of the year, I am planning that my “YESes” are for the following: loan clearance, e-book publishing, travel to America, maybe romantic dinner (see that maybe), personal mission, attending school graduations, meet – up, recovery of friendship.

And “Yes” to more writing, too, and more open doors to say “YES” to.