Dear Lord, Encourage Me, Thy Servant

When things are going in my way not according to how I desire those to be, encourage me, Oh Lord.

When job applications do not seem to merit employers’ calls, encourage me, Oh Lord.

When the business is cutting – down on manpower and overhead cause, encourage me, Oh Lord.

When medical reports seem to be a judgement more than a report, encourage us, Oh Lord


When  pictures of friends travelling are all over the social media while I can’t remember the last time I boarded a plane, encourage me, Oh Lord.

When romantic dates seem to be a thing of the past and my Friday nights are still spend alone, encourage me, Oh Lord.

When news around continue to be disheartening while others continue to applaud encourage me, Oh Lord.

It is my longing to serve you, My Lord and My God, to proclaim to the whole world that You are a good God, all the days of my life. But I find it hard to do so in this season of my service.

If I was led into a desert, Lord, let there be a rock where water is flowing for I am thirsty and my lips are already dry. Encourage me, Oh Lord,

For it is only You who can.