Of Fine Foods and Love

I don’t usually post photos of foods specially big – budgetted meals. But, I want to remember this event and this place with these served foods.

Fine Foods and Love💖

I have never seen such a big turkey stuffed with finest herbs and leaves that the moment I entered into the dining area I was greeted with scent that left me mouth – watering and really hungry.

I have never seen a ham as big as a football. It looked so expensive that I was so hesitant to cut it.
And, when I tasted it I almost forgot my name. It was heavenly.
Can a ham be not sweet?
I guess everything back home is sweet, not only spaghetti.

Delightful foods are always served here at Meyer Road.
Known to be a place for rich
and influential to many.
At the contrary, for me,
this is a humble abode
where foods are always warm,
prepared out of deep love.💖