Outrageous Lessons to My Heart (Dating and Learning to Become Mrs Always Right)

(Enclosed words are mine)

19 Sep 2017

Dear Journal,

In the quietness of working alone tonight, I finished the book of Steve Harvey. I remembered significant men that I dated. Gosh. Here are my learnings. Thanks, Steve Harvey!

1. Act like a man. Speak like a lady. Extra care for their ego. (Ok. Fine.)

2. Get some standards. They respect it. (I have a long list which one to drop, then?) [Scribbles.]
(A man who can marry in the Catholic church who loves and honors the Lord and loves and honors me completely. He must love me first.)

[Scribbles and tons of smileys.]

3. Let them know what you don’t want. (I will lessen this as I have promised the Lord. Be open that no one is perfect and that includes me, )

[Scribbles and tons of smileys.]

4. “We need to talk” scares them

(So, I will rephrase with “Can we just talk? Meaning I will do the talking and you will do the listening)

[Series of smileys]
5. Your time is your reward to them.


7. Ask them what they think about family, children when being asked to have a date.

8. Go back to number one.

After going through those points, it came to mind that those misses were a saving grace from damaging relationships.


Thank you Lord for men 1, 2 and 3 and thank you for Your protection. I truly am grateful.

[Signed by me]


Thank you for your kind reading and learning with me.

Catch my next blog. Would you?