God Protected Me (Dating Learnings to become Mrs Always Right One Day)


19 Sep 2017

Dear Journal,

In the quietness of working alone tonight, I finished the book of Steve Harvey. I remembered men that I dated. Gosh, enough of misses. Here are my learnings. Thanks, Steve Harvey!

1. Act like a man. Speak like a lady. Extra care for their ego. (I wonder how to tell them “You are wrong”?)

2. Get some standards. They respect it. (I have a long list which one to drop, then?) [Scribbles.]
(A man who can marry in the church who loves and honors the Lord and loves and honors me completely. He must love me first.)

3. Let them know what you don’t want. (I will lessen this, Lord, as I have promised You. Be open that no one is perfect and that includes me,)

4. “We need to talk” scares them (So, rephrased with “Can we just talk? Meaning I will do the talking and you will do the listening)

[Laughing faces. Scribbles.]

5. Your time is your reward to them.

7. Ask them what they think about family, children when being asked to have a date.

8. Go back to number one.


After going through those points, I really think that the Lord has really saved me from damaging relationships by those “misses”. Thank you Lord for man 1, 2 and 3 and thank you for Your protection.